Cat Edition Number

Withcoa (1/2)

  • Coheleach Cougar Rocky Mountain Lion, S/n Ltd. Ed. #622/571 34x25, Mint Withcoa
  • Alan M. Hunt Little Princes Cheetahs, S/n Ltd. Ed. #27 1996 Mint Withcoa, Sleeve
  • Bateman Lion And Wildebeest, S/n Ltd. Ed. #858/950 31x25 1987, New Mint Withcoa
  • Alan Hunt Manchurian Warriors Tigers, S/n Ltd. Ed. 1990 35x25 Mint Withcoa, Fldr
  • Solberg Where The Trail Ends, S/n Ltd. Ed. #425 35x25 1986, New Nm-m, Withcoa
  • Coheleach Den Mother Snow Leopards, S/n Ltd. Ed. #547 36x23 1987 Mint, Withcoa
  • Seerey-lester Cougar Head Study, S/n Ltd. Ed. #242 16x12 1985, Mint Withcoa, Fldr
  • Frace Powerful Presence Leopard, S/n Ltd. Ed. 1989, 33x27 Withcoa, Folder, Mint
  • Robert Copple Silent Majesty Tiger, S/n Ltd. Ed. #269 1994 38x22, Mint Withcoa
  • Russell Johnson Something Of Interest, Lions S/n Ltd. Ed. #531 24x18 Mint Withcoa
  • Coheleach Clouded (leopard) Siesta, S/n Ltd. Ed. #571 34x26 New Nm-m, Withcoa
  • Seerey-lester Close Encounter- Bobcat, S/n Ltd. Ed. 32x22 1984 Mint Withcoa, Fldr